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Pragmatic process for email communication

OrchestratorMail defines a process, or responses based on the state and context for email communication.

There are unlimited variations to a response to an email communication, its a very personal preference, based on the past linguistic behavior, the culture and environment. However like in the case of emails initiated, if you look at the underline linguistic act being performed there a limited set of responses. OrchestratorMail took its clue from the Language Action Perspective, the work done in 80’s by Fernando Flores and Terry Winograd. Learn more about Language Action Perspective.

The popular adoption this is for a meeting invite you can accept it, decline it or make a counter offer.

Thus for a Request there are only a finite set of responses.

  • They can Accept it
  • They can Decline it
  • They can make a Counter Offer
  • They can ask for Clarification
  • They can Report that have already done it
  • They can Delegate it
  • Or they can say they will Respond Later

Learn more about the methodology and process for each conversation type.

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